The Friday 5

The dominoes stop falling
July 12, 2017
Don’t Pull the Upstate’s Emergency Brake
July 17, 2017

The Friday 5

It’s time again for the Friday Five, the best articles we read this week:

  1. “That’s a lot of lettuce”: Republican Catherine Templeton raised an eye-popping $750,000 last quarter in her quest to unseat Governor Henry McMaster next June. McMaster edged her out again, but as one Greenville political observer told us on Sunday: “That’s a lot of lettuce.”
  2. “Someone needs to get everyone in a room and say, from the time you saw ‘Dr. Zhivago’ until the moment you drank vodka with a guy named Boris, you list every single contact with Russia”: The quote of the week goes to Congressman Trey Gowdy on the steady “drip” of Russian collusion leaks.
  3. Gerrymandering: You may have seen the Supreme Court agreed to take up the issue of partisan gerrymandering, where state legislature draw district lines to help pick up seats for their respective parties. The decision has the potential to change districts across the country from just a few swing districts to many swing districts.
  4. Senator Lindsey Graham files Healthcare bill: While Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP made changes to their healthcare plan this week, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham introduced his plan, which gives states federal block grants to run their healthcare as they see fit.
  5. Washington is about to get Rocked, Kid Rocked that is. Or at the very least, there’s bound to be some really interesting campaign ads in 2018. And THE Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) might also run for President? Is Washington ready for both of them?

BONUS: Ever try to take a smartphone away from a child? Yeah, we don’t like to do it either. Now, the creator of the iPhone, iPad, and Nest says: “I wake up in cold sweats every so often thinking, what did we bring to the world?” It’s an interesting view of the tech world from someone who had a front-row seat 10 years ago.

Have a great weekend!