2024 South Carolina Agenda

  • Seek solutions to expand accessibility and affordability of childcare to ensure working parents may fully participate in the workforce.
  • Rethink teacher recruitment and retention by reforming teacher pay and making it easier for mid-career professionals to switch to teaching.
  • Reduce the impacts of the benefits cliff to encourage individuals to seek upward mobility without fear of an abrupt cutoff of services.
  • Reform our recruiting incentives to better attract investments in knowledge-based and corporate headquarters jobs.
  • As we promote our state’s natural areas, we must increase state investment in our parks and recreation areas to ensure they can meet visitor demands and be preserved for future generations.
  • Improve access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs in our state.
  • Support legislation that determines pathways to ensure our state has adequate energy generation and infrastructure to meet current and future demands.
  • Increase our electric vehicle fees to bring them in line with neighboring states.
  • Re-institute joint and several legal protections so businesses are only liable for their portion of fault, ensuring that business owners are not left with an excessive burden related to fault.
  • Address other legal reforms to improve insurance affordability and accessibility for small businesses.
  • Reduce the burden of business personal property tax on small businesses.
  • Ensure that the General Assembly does not intentionally pass laws in conflict with the Federal Government that force businesses to decide whether to follow state or federal law and ensure businesses are able to make their own operating decisions without an undue burden from the government.
  • Address the state pension crisis to better serve new employees, preserve the system for current retirees, and protect taxpayers from the deepening fiscal hole that if left unchecked will cause a $20+ billion deficit that will directly impact the business community.

2024 Federal Agenda

  • Make permanent the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program so thousands of South Carolinians may have confidence in their immigration status.
  • Expand legal immigration avenues to help companies meet their workforce needs.
  • Reforms on visas for skilled workers – including expanding visa caps and reforming the system to make these visas more accessible for smaller businesses.
  • Fight for international trade policies that will benefit the Upstate economy – including lowering tariffs on allied countries and promoting trade deals that will benefit Upstate exporters.
  • The United States needs a comprehensive energy policy that incorporates an “all-of-the-above” approach, including renewables and other non-carbon-emitting sources such as nuclear energy.
  • Ensure the ongoing status of the SC NEXUS Tech Hub designation and secure phase two funding for ongoing energy resiliency efforts.

Ongoing UCC Priorities

  • Increase accessibility of workforce housing
  • Increase transit funding
  • Ensure the state has adequate infrastructure to support our population growth
  • Ensure business-friendly licensing and permitting practices
  • Expand policies to increase educational attainment
  • Promote penalty enhacements for Hate Crimes
  • Remove barriers to joining or rejoining the workforce