The Friday 5

State Alphabet Soup
July 19, 2017
First List of New Gas Tax Projects Approved
July 24, 2017

It’s time again for the Friday Five, the best articles we read this week, put together so you can look smarter at your church coffee hour:

  1. S.C. Election system hacked 150,000 times on Election Day: You read that right. A report from the Wall Street Journal outlines the attempted hacking into our election system. In Illinois, hackers tried 5 times a second, 24 hours a day, for nearly a year.
  2. 23% of Americans think President Trump is doing a “better” or “much better” job than most other presidents: Interesting poll findings from a Washington Post/ABC News poll on President Trump’s popularity this week. Always remember that polls are just snapshots of a moment in time. This moment was July 10-13.
  3. The DOJ wants to know how SC purges its voter list: Not just SC, but 43 states. Voters can be removed because of death, “long-term” inactivity, and felony convictions, among others.
  4. Lt. Gov. Bryant Takes Another Baby Step: The former Anderson County Senator has been coy about whether he’ll run for governor, but he opened a campaign account this week.
  5. Senator McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer: We try to include articles you may have missed, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this article. Senator McCain embodies the best parts of American politics: independence, compromise, and straight talk. If we had more senators like him, Congress would get a lot more done. Get better soon, Senator!

Bonus: SCOTUS Wraps: Was Gorsuch ready for this challenge? Welcome to the Supreme Court! The Turkey Wraps Need More Mayo

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool!